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Let's Play Ostrich

It's OK to want to play Ostrich sometimes. Sometimes things happen that are just too painful to think about. Even grownups have a hard time with it. This is a picture of a little friend of mine, called Kevin.

He is two years old in this picture. It looks just like any picture of a two year old, trying to get a drink. But this isn't just any picture. Six years ago, a terrible thing happened. Somebody blew up a building in the United States. People were really upset; all everyone talked about was what had happened and how terrible it was. You couldn't find anything else on the television, or in the newspapers. Then someone saw this picture of Kevin, and it made them smile. They clicked away with that camera. Even Kevin's Mom doesn't really know what happened.

The next thing she knew she was receiving letters from all over the world, people writing to thank her for the smiles. Someone had sent the picture to the newspaper and pretty soon it was finding it's way all around the world. The whole world wanted to play ostrich, just for a day.

You might think that Kevin is a special little boy now. Well he isn't. He is the same as any other 8 year old. He plays and fights with his brothers, sometimes he gets in trouble at school, he likes to collect Pokemon cards, and he just likes to be a boy. The terrible thing didn't change him, and neither did being famous for a day. Just for one day Kevin was special and made the world smile.

Who do you know who is special, today, and can make you smile?


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