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Note to Parents Regarding the Events of 9-11-2001

This latest topic has been written with a heavy heart and much soul searching. My initial reaction was to ignore the appalling events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, here on my site. I felt that children needed a safe haven and place to escape the horrors that will be imprinted, forever, on our hearts.

However, being the mother of five children, I rapidly saw that they needed answers. Many of the questions are beyond the scope of my, or any decent person's capabilities to answer. There are many more, however, that I can answer. Some of the questions I have been asked are things like, why do we fly the flags at half-mast, can awards for bravery be given posthumously and how is the world reacting to this?

Here, I am trying to answer some of the simple questions, in the hopes that they will be sufficient to calm these inquisitive minds, and turn their thoughts to brighter things.

As a mother I would like to stick my head in the sand, and as an educator I would like to answer every question; I can do neither of these things. As a member of the human race I want to protect these children from hatred, and ensure that none who witnessed this terrible event have their minds twisted by the searing hatred that caused it. That I can, at least, try to do.

I urge any parent or adult who finds any of the material here disturbing to children, to notify me immediately, so that the problem can be rectified.

May God bless all those who have suffered as a result of this evil and barbaric act, and protect our children from any further acts of this nature.

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