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Community Colleges

Community colleges are the perfect choice for many students. You can earn your associates degree and then enter the work force, or you can choose to attend a four-year college afterwards and earn your bachelor degree. Community college has been the institution of choice for many individuals, and there are certain benefits that a community college offers.

A great reason to attend community colleges is that the tuition is generally much lower than a four-year university. And, since there are many local community colleges across the country, students can live at home while attending, eliminating the costly price of room and board. Community colleges offer the same courses as four-year colleges and have professors that are just as knowledgeable. If cost is one of the deterrents keeping you from applying to a four-year school, community college is a great option.

Another benefit of attending community college is the flexibility. Community colleges often offer courses during the evening and on weekends, so you can even maintain a full-time job while attending. Community college classes are also great for parents that may have to care for children during the day. Since you can easily work towards your degree at your own pace, many people find that community college fits their hectic lifestyles. If further education is desired, students can always decide to transfer their credits to another college after completing their associates degree.

Community colleges are also perfect for those who want to enter a specialized field that does not require all the broad coursework of liberal arts colleges. You can perfect a trade or just take an interesting practical class, such as cooking or computer classes. Even if you are not sure what you'd like to do after college, community college is a great way to try out new classes and talk to professors about different industries.

Whether time, money or family obligations are keeping you from pursing a higher education degree, community colleges offer the perfect opportunity.

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