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Degree Program

Making a decision to go to college is a big step, but it's only half the battle. Many colleges require you to declare a major by your sophomore year at a four-year college. There are many degree options available, from science to business to French or Spanish. It's important to think about what degree program may be right for you.

The first thing you should ask yourself is what you hope to achieve by going to college. Will you be attending graduate school or pursuing a higher degree? Do you also need a technical or professional certificate? Once you decide what you think you might like to do after college, you can think about the degree program you should enroll in. Students who hope to become doctors generally study biology or chemistry, while those interested in art can get an art certificate as well as a degree in art history.

You should also think about what interests you outside of school. If you love helping people, you may want to think about becoming a teacher or nurse. If you're very business-minded, a career in finance or marketing could be a good choice. By considering your interests before choosing a degree program, you will be studying courses and concepts that are naturally interesting to you, which in turn will ensure that you'll enjoy your career.

Finally, before choosing a degree program, you should decide how much time and money you're willing to invest. Students interested in going to law school will have to commit about seven years to college, and students with aspirations to become a doctor will have to commit even more. If you are not looking to spend a lot of time or finances, you can look to a degree program at a community college, which you may be able to complete in just two years for a much lower cost.

Going to college and pursuing a degree is very exciting, although choosing a degree program can be stressful. Above all else, remember to study what you enjoy and the right career choice will follow.

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