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Distance School

What is a Distance School A Distance School is a type of school that generally provides distance education or distance learning. Distance Schools or Distance Learning is a field of education that centers on the technology, instructional and other systems design that aim to bring education to students who for whatever reasons are not physically "on site".

Instead of attending school the traditional way and in person, teachers and students communicate at their own will via the exchange of either printed or electronic media, or by means of technology that permits them to communicate in real time.

Blended Distance School Education Programs

Distance school education courses that also necessitate a material on-site presence for the purpose of taking examinations for example is referred to as a hybrid or blended distance school program.

Types of Distance School Education Programs

There are several ways students can participate in a distance school educational program. Some of the types of distance education programs include the following:

  • Correspondence Distance School conducted through regular mail
  • Internet Programs conducted either synchronously or asynchronously
  • Telecourse/Broadcast Programs where content is delivered via radio or television
  • CD-ROM Distance School Programs where the student interacts with computer content stored on a CD-ROM
  • Pocket PC/Mobile Learning Program where the student accesses course content stored
  • on a mobile device or through a wireless server

With Distance School Education Programs, students have the opportunity to complete and submit written assignments, reports and term papers either electronically, by fax, or by mail. Students assignments can also be posted electronically in the online classroom allowing other students to view what their peers have written. This is a component which has not been done in the traditional classroom setting.

Today, distance school education programs are largely provided to students via the Internet. To some students it may be beneficial for them to enroll in a school that allows the flexibility of attending classes in various distance school ways as well as the traditional school approach in case students feel that the traditional school approach may be beneficial to them when taking certain courses. Therefore, it's always a good idea to research and interview schools before committing to enrolling. Most "full-service" institutions can offer the flexibility that a student needs or desires.

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