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Teaching Math

Math can be a confusing and boring subject or an enjoyable one depending on how you go about teaching math. It is a must that you teach the elementary concepts like addition or fractions with care if you want the child to have no difficulty with the subject in higher stages.

Using math at home as a guide to make your child more interested in the subject works wonders. Incorporate mathematical concepts in every day life practically and involve your children in it. You will soon see your child enjoying math and becoming more confident. So do math together.

In teaching math, you should use real life situations in order to appeal to the child’s interest. For e.g. while planning a party, dealing with bills and grocery shopping get your child involved. Show the child how pertinent the role of math is in daily life.

Teaching is enhanced when you play math games with your children. Instead of hounding them constantly about math lessons and homework, supply them with games, which are fun and relevant. However make sure that these games are simple and blend with their homework. Thus teaching math should move away from rigorous lessons into the domain of the home.

Enlisting the help of your children in the grocery store is a fun and effective way of teaching them. You can ask them to sum up the prices of the items bought and challenge them to find the best bargains in the store. Also take their help while balancing a checkbook and give them time problems .All these activities involve addition and division as well as other elementary math concepts.

Employing these strategies regularly will help your child grasp math and make them regard math as enjoyable. They will also realize how important math is in daily life.

You should encourage your child to work out logic puzzles and games readily available in books and magazines. There are various board games as well as online games involving math like chess, backgammon, checkers and dominoes, which help you, bond as a family as well as provide improvement to your child’s math skills.

A tuition lesson in math also helps a child who finds the subject difficult. If the child learns elementary concepts like division, fractions and geometry well it will boost confidence and improve math skills. On line math games have tests to assess your child’s weaknesses and plan lessons to help them in those areas.

Math is all-pervasive because it is used in every sphere of our lives. Make your child aware of this fact by taking him to workplaces and corporations where math is regularly used. Observing this the student realizes just how important math lessons are to get fruitfully employed. A direct connection should be made between teaching of math and the uses for it in professions.

Many career options have their base in math. Agriculture, architecture which uses geometry and calculations, economist and financial analyst are all excellent career choices. In all areas of engineering math is essential. In medicine and science related careers too math is a must. In the teaching profession, math is taught at all levels from kindergarten to secondary till college. Teaching math should thus be a fun filled as well as an interesting one.

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